Enno Rehling, Software Developer


I have spent a lot of my career building complex software, and maintaining live consumer systems with large customer bases and high service levels, whether they be games, virtual worlds, or websites.

My true passion is figuring out how to constantly improve the process of making software. Agile development methods and automated testing offer some of the best tools I have found to ensure software quality.



Work Experience

Servebolt AS, 04/2016 - present: Head of Software Depelopment

Servebolt is a web hosting company with a focus on secure and fast e-commerce websites. My main responsibility here is the continued development of the customer portal, a heavily customized Drupal site.

Bouvet, 08/2014 - 02/2015: Software Developer

At Bouvet, I worked in an internal product department where we were developing Sesam, a big data solution for enterprise search. My work here focused on the deployment mechanism, the construction of some web services, and the automated testing infrastructure.

IMVU, 10/2009 - 07/2014: Senior Staff Engineer

IMVU is a 3D graphical instant messaging client. I was involved in all aspects of development, including website, server and client programming. Most of the time, my responsibilities included the payment systems, application security, fraud prevention, and the operation of a live consumer service with millions of users. From 2013-2014, I was working on a new graphics engine targeting IMVU's next generation of PC, mobile and web apps. As security domain expert, I was involved in issues of application security and privacy questions.

Smarterphone, 07/2009 - 10/2009: Software Engineer

At Smarterphone (now part of Nokia), I worked on Mimiria, the company's mobile phone OS written in C and Scheme. I mainly worked on the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) and exposing the system's features to the Java ME implementation. Since the acquisition of Smarterphone by Nokia in 2011, this code is now part of the Nokia Asha platform.

Funcom Oslo, 12/2000 - 06/2007 and 10/2008 - 04/2009: Lead Programmer

At Funcom I worked on several AAA game titles that won international acclaim. For The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, and Anarchy Online I acted as lead programmer, getting teams of developers different sizes to work together while leading by example.

Sunflowers (Avator), 06/2007 - 04/2008: Technical Director

After the sale of Sunflowers to Ubisoft, the leadership started a small company with the goal of making an Anno 1701 MMO. Brought on for my online games experience, I advised the design team and helped evaluate third-party technology and outsourcing studios. The project was eventually cancelled due to lack of funding.

Imaginventure SA, 05/2008 - 04/2009: Contractor

As a contractor on Wazzamba, a flash-based virtual world, I wrote some isometric prototypes in Flex and Flash, and several parts of the Java server's game logic.

Eressea, 09/1997 - present: Sole Proprietor

Eressea is a massive multiplayer play-by-email game engine to simulate a fantasy world, which I developed with some friends at college. The code has since been open-sourced on github and I am hosting multiple games, the oldest of which has been running since 1997. In addition to hosting games, I manage the development team for the engine, advise the design group, and review pull requests from open source contributors for their quality and test coverage.


Universität Paderborn, 1993-2000

Diplom (Masters equivalent): Computer Sciences, Economics

My interests and specializations were parallel computing and theoretical computer science. I worked with our research group on a massively parallel solver for finite element systems.

Post Graduate work

As a research assistant of Professor Heiss, I organized the tutorials for his Operating Systems and Security classes, and taught a Java course for Beginners.


Beside my continued work on Eressea, I enjoy outdoor life, and shared experiences with friends: I love hiking, geocaching, bicycling, snowboarding, and visiting my friends all over the globe. I have completed the Norwegian Styrkeprøven bike race, hiked up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and climbed Svolværgeita in the Lofoten islands. I also have a big collection of boardgames, like to cook for my friends, and play around with vintage computers.

In California, my friends and I started an event called Hack The Future, where we encourage young kids around the age of 12 to become tech-savvy and work on fun projects like games, robots or electronics. In Norway, I partcipate in Kodeklubben, a similar project to teach programming to children.

I am an avid reader and a bit of a language nerd. Beside my love of the English language, I have a fairly good working knowledge of Norwegian.

I like to program for fun, and while my github profile is not meant to be a portfolio, it contains a few projects that I have worked on in my spare time: https://github.com/ennorehling


Enno Rehling
Strandveien 21
3132 Husøysund, Norway
email: enno.rehling@gmail.com
phone: +47 482 83 504
Skype: ennorehling